Saturday, March 26, 2011

Strike 3 Yelled the Umpire

Last night was our first softball game of the season. We have been playing for quite awhile now but have a lot of new people this season. They really don't know what they are in for.....a lot of laughter and crazy times. We really are fun group of people who never get competitive. Well of course it started last night, the butterflies. I don't know why but before every game my stomach just fills with butterflies and I feel like I have to pee every five minutes. I hate batting but I love running the bases. Put two and two together you have to bat to get on base. Last night I found two ways around the batting part.1) Have a crummy pitcher who will walk you, as long as you don't swing at every pitch. 2) Have the male batter in front of you walk and you automatically get to walk. So I got to walk twice and scored both times. One was an actual run and the other I literally walked across home plate,the pitcher wasn't very good. So you are wondering about my title and why I would put "Strike 3Yelled the Umpire" that is because my last at bat I struck out. And yes the umpire YELLED Strike!!!!!!!!!! of course I had to swing at the ball and totally miss. I have to do this every season so at least I started off with it. Casey made up for it. He had been hitting the ball and then they would catch it, hit it again and catch it again. But then this one time he went up to bat and SLAM the ball went out of the park, over the fence.The first home run of the season. 
We didn't end of winning but had a great time playing. The new people survived and everyone had a smile on their face when we left. Hopefully next time the umpire won't yell STRIKE at me.