Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Family and I Turn 30

Benjamin, Me, Brandon
Well, I am very lucky to say that I have grown up close to my cousins. These boys are two of my favorite and I LOVE them to death. I was also fortunate to celebrate my birthday with them. I turned 30 in February and they turn 30 in April. Yes, they are younger than me. We had a shrimp boil with our family and friends. I must say we had a blast. 
  The boys are from Louisiana and always gave me a hard time about being from TEXAS. Look who lives in Texas now and is wearing a Texas apron. Our cousin, Kevin, gave these to us and yes he is from TEXAS!
 Me, Mom, Catherine
Me and Daddy
Brandon, Me, Benjamin all grown up!

I also had a few visitors come and see me. I haven't seen them in so long and it was the best birthday present ever. Presley, Ashlie, and Brandon!!!!!!!!! I was so excited and just love these people. Ashlie is prego with a baby sister for Presley named Harper.

Isn't she just the cutest pregnant lady EVER?!?!?!

I am going to leave this post with some of my favorite pictures. Enjoy!!!
So serious
This picture says it all. I love you Casey!

 Our age timeline- Louisa, Me, Brandon, and Benjamin

Being silly with their mustaches!

Never, ever be the 1st to fall asleep.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Thirty Isn't So Bad!

February 3, 2012 I turned the BIG-30 and it really wasn't too bad. I went to school like a normal day and my kids guessed my age. It ranged from 22-37, then with discussion they realized that 37 was some of their parents age and I couldn't be that old. I gave them the year I was born and they soon found out that I was 30. We also had a field trip that day to the Magik Children's Theater and watched Diary of a Fly, Spider,and Worm. It was ADORABLE!!!
Saturday night we went to dinner with some friends at the Quarry Hofbrau House. It was so yummy and the drinks were amazing.
This margarita tasted like an orange dream icle!

And this one was like a "bomb pop" Popsicle!

Casey and the "30" year old, me!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Week 1

My summer project.....Weekly Collage! I learned about a new thing at "tech camp" this week so I am going to put it to use on my blog. I will  am going to try to make a collage once a week with things I did so I can remember/share my summer.
So here we go....
 Chuys.....one word, YUMMY! I might have eaten here 2X's. But whose counting it is the summer.
 This is Johnson HS where I spent my first two mornings of summer at 8:15. 
 I had to make a trip to the outlet mall. I was very disappointed so I will be returning soon. 
Who doesn't go to Target at least once a week????
 These next few pictures are my motivation for summer time. I now know why stay at home moms are always so in shape. They get to work out whenever they want to and however long they want. So I am taking advantage of this at my gym. I attended a R.I.P.P.E.D. class which kicked my ass butt. Hey I will love it later.
 I ran two miles at night with Casey! I keep telling myself "Do this enough and maybe you get new shoes."

 And this morning I tried a Turbo Kick class that was a lot of fun. 
Now you might be wondering how I got the awesome pictures on here. Well, it is the new thing I learned at "Tech Camp" and it is called Jing. It allows you to capture any image you want from anywhere. Thank you tech instructor Erin. 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week

This past week was Teacher Appreciation Week at school. I must say I felt very loved. My awesome room mother sent out a  note with all the things I liked to the parents.

Monday- Bring a flower or make a paper flower for your teacher
Tuesday- PTA Luncheon and a card (homemade or store bought)
Wednesday- Wear your teachers favorite color (blue) and she brought me Pei Wei
Thursday- Let's gain 10lbs day Favorite drink and snack day
Friday- Bring in school supplies for your teacher

I was a bit spoiled......I needed two vases, they wore their blue tie dye shirts we made for TAKS testing, 18 Dr. Peppers, a TON of candy and treats, Post-It notes, pens, markers. You think of it, they thought of it too. If you know me, school supplies are my favorite. Oh, I almost forgot a bunch of cute cards. Some homemade and some store bought. The best is the message inside from both parents and students. You  build a relationship with the kids but also the parents. They go home and tell them everything about school. They were so sweet. It makes me appreciate my job even more. I couldn't ask for a better job.

I am going to leave you with a photo that is the most adorable thing EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Aidan, this is the best thing you could ever give a teacher.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fabulous, Fun, and Fascinating

I have a want theory that every 5 years you should get remarried (to the same husband) of course.  All so you can do the fabulous, fun, and fascinating things engaged people get to do over again. Just to name a few....register for new stuff, get dressed up, taste test a bunch of wedding cake, pick out new bridesmaid dresses, try on wedding dresses. I am sure I could think of so much more. But there is one person I know who would also love to do this again because we talk about it every once in awhile. Ashlie, the new photographer, my matron of honor, college roommate, sorority sister, and best friend ever! So with a lot little bit of convincing she took some fabulous, fun, and fascinating pictures of us. It was like redoing our engagement pictures only this time with A LOT less stress. We just went out and had fun. I must give kiddos to Casey for going with the flow and following directions from two females.              Here ya go....

Thank you so much Ashlie
* Yes, I know another post dedicated to you but I only learn from the best

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Strike 3 Yelled the Umpire

Last night was our first softball game of the season. We have been playing for quite awhile now but have a lot of new people this season. They really don't know what they are in for.....a lot of laughter and crazy times. We really are fun group of people who never get competitive. Well of course it started last night, the butterflies. I don't know why but before every game my stomach just fills with butterflies and I feel like I have to pee every five minutes. I hate batting but I love running the bases. Put two and two together you have to bat to get on base. Last night I found two ways around the batting part.1) Have a crummy pitcher who will walk you, as long as you don't swing at every pitch. 2) Have the male batter in front of you walk and you automatically get to walk. So I got to walk twice and scored both times. One was an actual run and the other I literally walked across home plate,the pitcher wasn't very good. So you are wondering about my title and why I would put "Strike 3Yelled the Umpire" that is because my last at bat I struck out. And yes the umpire YELLED Strike!!!!!!!!!! of course I had to swing at the ball and totally miss. I have to do this every season so at least I started off with it. Casey made up for it. He had been hitting the ball and then they would catch it, hit it again and catch it again. But then this one time he went up to bat and SLAM the ball went out of the park, over the fence.The first home run of the season. 
We didn't end of winning but had a great time playing. The new people survived and everyone had a smile on their face when we left. Hopefully next time the umpire won't yell STRIKE at me.