Monday, March 12, 2012

Thirty Isn't So Bad!

February 3, 2012 I turned the BIG-30 and it really wasn't too bad. I went to school like a normal day and my kids guessed my age. It ranged from 22-37, then with discussion they realized that 37 was some of their parents age and I couldn't be that old. I gave them the year I was born and they soon found out that I was 30. We also had a field trip that day to the Magik Children's Theater and watched Diary of a Fly, Spider,and Worm. It was ADORABLE!!!
Saturday night we went to dinner with some friends at the Quarry Hofbrau House. It was so yummy and the drinks were amazing.
This margarita tasted like an orange dream icle!

And this one was like a "bomb pop" Popsicle!

Casey and the "30" year old, me!

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