Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Week 1

My summer project.....Weekly Collage! I learned about a new thing at "tech camp" this week so I am going to put it to use on my blog. I will  am going to try to make a collage once a week with things I did so I can remember/share my summer.
So here we go.... word, YUMMY! I might have eaten here 2X's. But whose counting it is the summer.
 This is Johnson HS where I spent my first two mornings of summer at 8:15. 
 I had to make a trip to the outlet mall. I was very disappointed so I will be returning soon. 
Who doesn't go to Target at least once a week????
 These next few pictures are my motivation for summer time. I now know why stay at home moms are always so in shape. They get to work out whenever they want to and however long they want. So I am taking advantage of this at my gym. I attended a R.I.P.P.E.D. class which kicked my ass butt. Hey I will love it later.
 I ran two miles at night with Casey! I keep telling myself "Do this enough and maybe you get new shoes."

 And this morning I tried a Turbo Kick class that was a lot of fun. 
Now you might be wondering how I got the awesome pictures on here. Well, it is the new thing I learned at "Tech Camp" and it is called Jing. It allows you to capture any image you want from anywhere. Thank you tech instructor Erin. 

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