Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fabulous, Fun, and Fascinating

I have a want theory that every 5 years you should get remarried (to the same husband) of course.  All so you can do the fabulous, fun, and fascinating things engaged people get to do over again. Just to name a few....register for new stuff, get dressed up, taste test a bunch of wedding cake, pick out new bridesmaid dresses, try on wedding dresses. I am sure I could think of so much more. But there is one person I know who would also love to do this again because we talk about it every once in awhile. Ashlie, the new photographer, my matron of honor, college roommate, sorority sister, and best friend ever! So with a lot little bit of convincing she took some fabulous, fun, and fascinating pictures of us. It was like redoing our engagement pictures only this time with A LOT less stress. We just went out and had fun. I must give kiddos to Casey for going with the flow and following directions from two females.              Here ya go....

Thank you so much Ashlie
* Yes, I know another post dedicated to you but I only learn from the best

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